Deccan College of Education for Womens

Affillated to Akkamahadevi womens University Vijayapura, Approved by NCTE Recognised by Govt of Karnataka

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About Us

To prepare able, efficient and committed highschool teachers with spirit of scientific temper.

Create meaningful learning experiences. Develop cognitive,Social,Physical and emotional development. Fostering affection, respect, obedience, gentleness,forgiveness,gratitude and helpfulness.

  • To prepare able, efficient and committed highschool teachers with spirit of scientific temper..
  • Encourage fairness, social interactions active learning and self motivation. Enhance teaching by using technology.
  • Develop professional development opportunities. Overall personality development.

Role of assessment and assessment strategies for evaluation.

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Why Choose Deccan College of education for Women ?

Pursuing a B. Ed course allows the candidates to inculcate in themselves good teaching skills and also how to work in the administrative aspect of an education system. “The course curriculum teaches prospective teachers how to play their part in making a healthy education structure.


The main purpose of laboratory work in science education is to provide students with conceptual and theoretical knowledge to help them learn scientific concepts, and through scientific methods, to understand the nature of science


Library facilities house the collections that are maintained by library staff. That is the connection between staff, facilities, and collections


Sport develops a sense of friendliness among the children and develop their team spirit. It helps children to develop mental and physical toughness. Sport shapes their body and make it strong and active. Children should actively participate in sports to avoid being tired and lethargy.